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312 SW Jefferson Ave
Corvallis, OR 97333
United States


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The Alley is the quintessential safe haven for fashion-forward gentlemen. Quaint in appearance street-side, but warm and welcoming inside. Part man-cave, part Irish pub, part hunting lodge, The Alley aesthetic is the culmination of all things masculine. We represent a juxtaposition between vintage and contemporary fashion while supporting and encouraging lifestyles that are economical, ecologically responsible, and stylish.

Why Sell New?

We sell new because we believe in supporting American Made products, the US Collective, and the local craftsmen and women that in turn support us with a great product. Our selection is meant to be a lineup of accessories or items of interest that we believe every man should own.

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Why Consignment?

We consign because we believe in the spirit of recycling, reusing, and resale. We believe that it is our responsibility to fight against the Throw-Away culture, and instead recycle gently worn clothing that still has years left to travel. We do this in service to the dapper and debonair out there that are as passionate about looking and living well as we are. 


Although we try to use our own images as much as possible, some images displayed here are not our own, and we are beyond thankful to all of those who have represented personal and professional works. If there is something you do not wish us to have displayed on our site, please send us an email and we will gladly take it down immediately upon your request! If you have any questions regarding any of our information, please feel more than free to contact us at |