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312 SW Jefferson Ave
Corvallis, OR 97333
United States






  • We accept inventory between the following hours:

    • 11am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday

    • 12pm - 5pm Sunday

  • No Appointment necessary

  • We offer two options when you bring your items in:

    1. Allow us 5 to 20 minutes to go through your items while you browse our store.

    2. Leave your items with us to go through.

  • In either case you may always take back any items we were not interested in.

  • Or we can pass any items we were not interested in directly to Vina Moses or The ARC of Benton County


Consignment Contract

Consignment items will be chosen after a thorough inspection by The Alley staff. Items will be priced at the highest amount attainable. Consignor may consult on pricing, however the trained staff at The Alley will determine the final sales price. A 60-day consignment period begins the day the items are priced. A detailed price list of your items and/or a tax receipt for any items not consigned will be available for the Consignor. Items NOT sold will be donated to the ARC of Benton County, or another charity at the Alley's discretion after consignor consent. During the 60 day consignment period, (except for premium denim, leather jackets, blazers, and suits which is a 3 month time period) there may be store specials, sales, discounts, and promotions when prices may be marked down. The consignor will receive 40% of the sale price for all items sold. An inventory handling and pricing fee will be added to the price of the item and is charged to the buyer, not the Consignor. Items found to be not sell-able (i.e. items found with holes, broken zippers, spots, tears, missing buttons, etc.) during the consignment period will be donated to charity without prior consent. It is the responsibility of the Consignor to contact The Alley regarding account status, as well as provide The Alley with any change of address information. It is recommended that each consignor call once a month to check on their account status and arrange for payment.